SALLA is the only machine always in. It sweeps and vacuums the dirty from floor, vacuums dust from floor, scrubs and dries any kind of floor.
SALLA , the convertible and automatic scrubbing and drying machine: THE GREAT UTILITY OF AN INTELLIGENT MACHINE !!
SALLA is available in two different models of 35 and 50 cm cleaning width. The models are proposed in cable working and batteries working. The models with batteries can be used also for long shifts because once the batteries are discharged they can be replaced in few seconds with an additional battery pack.

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SALLA as of 01/04/2018: Kunzle & Tasin S.r.l.
Via Marzabotto, 63 - 20037 Paderno Dugnano (MI) - Italia
Tel +39 02 971695